About us


To provide services and products under standards and requirements that provide solutions to needs, being fully committed with our society.


To be leaders in solutions involving technologies and engineering development for industry 4.0.


Honesty, Quality, Teamwork, Responsibility, Respect, Solidarity, Empathy, Sincerity.

Who we are

We Deliver Results

TECSOIN is a Mexican company in charge of providing technical services, engineering and technological products, focused on the technological evolution in the home, commerce and industry, with a focus on respect for the environment and human rights, providing reliable, efficient and safe solutions.

Future Perception.

All our projects are created with the future in mind, we take the time to anticipate any problems that may arise in the future and implement ways to counteract them before they happen.

Creative Solutions.

We emphasize innovative thinking, there are too many services that offer the same thing to all their clients, working with us, we can assure you that you won't be another of the bunch.

Never Ending Ideas.

We have constant meetings with our clients where we are always brainstorming new ideas in order to implement possible improvements and suggestions that may arise.


We are fully prepared to work in all the areas that your company needs, we'll make sure that every service complements each other to increase your digital presence.

Meet our team.

At TECSOIN, we strongly believe in supporting new talent, we motivate and encourage our team constantly, with the purpose that everyone can grow personally and professionally, in addition to offering a pleasant and inclusive environment.

Our success as a company starts with our team. That is why we strive to create an environment where everyone is equipped and challenged to reach their full potential.

We want to recognize the team that makes TECSOIN possible.

Jose Andrés Rodriguez Silva


Mario Pérez


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